Maintenance Tips for Braava

This applies to Braava 320, Braava 380 and all Mint models.

Keeping your Braava Floor Cleaning Robot maintained will prolong its life, providing you with the convenience of many future cleaning cycles to come.

After using Braava, follow these steps to keep it maintained:

  1. Use a dry cloth to wipe dust or dirt from Braava's exteriors. Do not, however, rinse or submerge Braava into water.
  2. Use a damp cloth to wipe off dust and dirt on tires. Make sure that Braava is not plugged in and cloth is not dripping wet.
  3. Check the Wheel Guard and remove any excess debris. A small notch next to the wheel allows access with tweezers or scissors if needed.
  4. Place Braava on its end (handle side down) when charging or storing between uses
  5. If storing for a long time, remove the C batteries from the Cube and remove the Battery from the Braava and store everything in a cool, dry place.

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