Braava is Cleaning a Smaller Area than Expected

This applies to Braava 320, Braava 380t

Depending on the home layout, Braava can clean areas up to the following sizes, using the Cube.

Braava 320 models - 23 sq. meters/ 248 sq. ft. in Mop Mode; 74 sq. meters/ 797 sq. ft. in Sweep Mode

Braava 380 - 32 sq. meters/ 344 sq. ft. in Mop Mode; 93 sq. meters/ 1000 sq. ft. with 1 cube or up to 186 sq. meters/ 2000 sq. ft. with multiple cubes.


Braava can work without the Cube but will only clean  up to 14 sq. meters/ 150 sq. ft. and will not do a perimeter clean.


If you are using a Cube and you're not getting the square meter coverage listed above, try the following steps to troubshoot this issue

  1. Ensure Cube has fresh batteries
  2. Place cube on a raised surface with the Cube light pointing toward the center of the room. Please note, plasma/LCD TVs, moving ceiling fans and fluorescent lights can interfere with Cube's functionality. In addition, ceilings higher than 3 meters/ 10 feet or slanted ceilings may impair Cube functionality. If you have a slanted ceiling, try pointing the Cube at the lower part of the slant.
  3. Ensure that the Cube cannot be moved by people or pets during the cleaning cycle.
  4. Braava should be placed approximately 1.5 meters/ 5 feet away from the Cube's blue light, facing the Cube.
  5. Try to run the Braava again.