How Braava Cleans

This applies to Braava 320, Braava 380

Braava both Sweeps and Mops hard surface floors, using dry or wet cleaning cloths that attract and trap the dirt from your floors.


Sweep mode is ideal for maintaining grit-free, barefoot-friendly floors every day. Dry cloths are used in Sweep Mode to pick up dust, dirt and hair that constantly accumulates on floors. In Sweep mode, Braava moves in straight lines back and forth across your floor to clean efficiently and thoroughly.




Mop mode lets you enjoy truly clean floors all the time without the effort of mopping them by hand. Wet cleaning cloths are used in mop mode to pick up the deeper dirt and grime and leave your floors feeling fresh. Braava uses a special mopping action in this mode to help dissolve dirt and pull it into the cleaning cloth and off your floors.




Braava works with reusable microfiber or disposable cloths cleaning cloths in both modes.


Braava Cleaning Cycle Algorithm