How to use the Pause/Resume Functionality

This applies to Braava 320, Braava 380t

Braava will automatically pause if you pick it up or press any button while cleaning.

• The cleaning mode button will flash blue to indicate the cleaning cycle is paused. While paused, Braava will save the map of the area it has
already cleaned.

• To resume cleaning, place Braava within 6 feet of the Cube where it originally started, facing in the same general direction it started.

• Press the flashing cleaning mode button.

• Braava will start cleaning while it determines its position on the map. Once it confirms its position, it will drive to an area not yet covered and
continue cleaning.

• Braava may re-clean an area already covered or explore new areas of cleaning while determining its position on the map.

• If you resume Braava where you paused it, it may take longer for the cleaner to determine its position depending on its distance from the Cube.

• To exit Pause and quit the cleaning cycle, power Braava off by holding the power button for 2 seconds.

Note: Braava can only be paused after it has locked onto the NorthStar Navigation Cube at the beginning of the cleaning cycle.