How to set up NorthStar Navigation Cube (Two Cubes)

This applies only to Braava 380, Mint 5200 and Mint 5200C.

Braava 380 models can be used with multiple navigation cubes. The cubes must have different channel numbers, as noted by the number 1,2 or 4 found on the bottom of the cube.


Follow these instructions to set up the NorthStar2 two Cube system, as you prepare for a cleaning cycle.


  1. Insert 2 C Batteries into each Cube and snap the Battery door shut.
  2. Turn on each Cube by pressing the button on the back corner of each. A blue light will flash on the opposite corner indicating that they are turned on.
  3. Place the first Cube in the center of the area where you wish to start cleaning. Place the next Cube 6 - 7 meters/ 20 - 23 feet away from the first. For best results place the Cubes where they have a clear view of the ceiling (not under shelves, lit fluorescent lights or ceiling fans) and away from Plasma/LCD TVs. Do not move the Cube during a cleaning cycle or put it on the floor.
  4. Place Braava about 1.5 meters/ 4 - 5 feet in front of the Cube and press one of the cleaning modes (Sweep or Mop). The blinking light on the Cube should turn solid once the cleaning cycle begins. Braava will automatically clean from one Cube to another during its cycle.


Note: Braava 380 must be able to encounter the second cube while it is within range of the first cube. This means that if the second cube is hidden in another room and the Braava does not pass into the beginning of that room, it will not transition to the second cube.

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